Courtroom Presentation

At the core of GELTitc’s successful technology is experienced professionals who deliver excellent presentations in the courtroom. Intuition, speed, and accuracy allow us to effectively and efficiently handle real-time challenges and produce outstanding results every time. When the court requests redaction, we do it on the fly. When you need a document pulled up, we do it on the fly.

Exhibit Processing

We use TrialDirector, the industry’s top software, as well as Prezi and PowerPoint. We can apply a customized stamp to trial exhibit pages, ensuring that each document you request is branded and cross-referenced in a master database. This helps to have a clearer record of the court and your records.

Presentation Software Management

Your courtroom presenter has the expertise and knowledge to produce and maintain your trial database which contains all your exhibits and media. Our professional technician will handle all technical aspects of your presentation, allowing you to focus on the facts of your case.

Trial Preparation

As your team prepares for trial, we can be right there with you. With on-site professional support for run-throughs, witness prep, jury exercises and anything else that can help your team prepare for trial. As always, we recommend extensive time developing and running practice presentations. A well-thought-out case deserves a well-thought-out and well-prepared presentation.

Equipment Testing and Setup

Professional set-up is typically executed in the dark-Friday before your opening day. We have our own equipment, and we make great effort to spend the necessary time to set-up the equipment and do practice runs during that dark-Friday. Recognizing the importance of seamless support during trial, we will contact the court clerk to get approval and set the time for the system set-up. You can enter the courtroom with confidence that all equipment has been thoroughly tested and is ready for your team.

Deposition Clips

Reviewing hundreds of hours of raw deposition video is a daunting task. Our video professionals are experts at quickly creating, editing, and producing key deposition clips. We offer fast turnaround on raw video for review and final testimony playback during the trial, along with the ability to simulcast exhibits.

Video and Photography

GELTitc is equipped and experienced with the latest and most advanced photographic equipment to meet your needs. Whether you need product photography or witness photographs for courtroom use or you have a presentation for which you want a video made and posted, we are here for you. We work in all industries and with all industry professionals in preparing presenters for their important event, from Psychologists to Litigators.